AGM – Sunday 25th October – 8pm


You are invited to attend the above meeting at the club.

Please note we will be booking seats to remain COVID secure.

Please book by emailing or speak with Terry at the club.

Please see the details in the club entrance, you can;

  • Nominate yourself, or others, to support the club by joining the committee or take a position as an officer at the club.
  • Raise proposals to change the club rules, which would be discussed and voted upon by members at the AGM.

Rule changes must be posted on the noticeboard 14 days before the AGM – so please submit these in writing to the club email as soon as possible.

The club cannot run smoothly and successfully without the support of members.

Please email: with any proposals to change rules in advance of the meeting.

NB.  Should all seats be reserved for the meeting we will look to go online with the meeting and will access the need nearer to the meeting date.